Thriva Technologies is a competent provider of end-to-end solutions for Digital Content Services

ata Capturing involves transformation of hand written or typed data from hard copies to computerized media. This captured data can then be presented to customers on compact disk, by using e-mail, direct data communication, dial up communication and file transfer protocol.

Cost of Data Capturing process largely depends on the format of the physical data that has to be captured. Depending on the difficulty of the layout of the form, data capturing will be easy or time consuming.

Thriva Technologies offers Data Capture service in a time saving and economical manner by using unique techniques that we have developed. With these customized tools, we can capture any form of data from any document or file type. Delivery of the most accurate data capture in short time is guaranteed.

Our Data capturing services advantages:

 Accuracy :: Error rate of below 0.05% is possible - all data entered and verified.

 Processing speed :: Having been equipped with a team of skilled and experienced operators, excellent processing speed is guaranteed.

 Cost :: We offer highly competitive prices. Over the years we have proved that our cost is even less than in-house costs. The cost may vary depending on the input form, volume and the project period.

 Expertise :: We have got experienced and fully trained professionals who work relentlessly and strive for delivering the most accurate and prompt data capture service in the industry.