Thriva Technologies is a competent provider of end-to-end solutions for Digital Content Services

hriva Technologies offers end-to-end solutions for online publishing and content transformation services. We enable our customers to choose the preferred medium to publish their content in multiple platforms - web, print, e-reader, tablet or smart-phone.

We aim at proving our expertise in transforming different types of content into digital format. We have a standardized work process to transform legacy printed documents (both hardcopy and softcopy) into digital format or add value to the static content (animation, audio and video streaming).

1. Digital Content Conversion:

There is a strong need for publishers to distribute content to multiple channels and multiple platforms. The input media may be printed documents, application files, databases or word documents. The preferred end-products to drive the latest digital devices are ePub, Mobi and PRC formats.

Our application can be customized to suit the specific needs of STM, Legal, Academic and Magazine publishers to fulfill the above requirement.
2. XML DTD and Schema Development:

We have expertise in developing XML DTD (Document Type Definition) / Schema in accordance to your specific customer requirements for easy archiving and retrieval of publications. Our team is familiar with the markup languages that are widely used for journals, books, MRWs and magazines.
3. Keyboarding, Scanning and OCR:

We provide multilingual keyboarding and data entry services by working with languages like English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, etc. We also convert publications in Latin, Danish, Hebrew, Arabic and both traditional and simplified Chinese languages to XML/HTML.

We effect re-print / archiving without any alterations. We scan at high resolution and provide the output in a ready-to-publish format. We align 'crooked' pages and clean-up any anomalies (such as dust specks). We provide high accuracy outputa that are generally used for reprints and archiving projects for journal back issues.

With our data capture and coding services, we manage large volumes of data. Our coding services include digitization, full text OCR capture, and image conversion (PDF to TIFF, multi-page TIFF to single-page TIFF).