Thriva Technologies is a competent provider of end-to-end solutions for Digital Content Services

e offer leading automated Litigation document coding services to corporate legal departments, attorneys and law establishments. Embedded in our culture is our commitment to quality, accuracy and immediate response to the needs of our client. This is exactly the reason why we are one of the leading litigation outsourcing businesses.

Our expert services can be availed for legal transcription services like witness document collection, scanning, legal coding, and document management. The prime reasons for our success are cost-competitiveness (prices as low as one-third of local US service rates), domain-specific experience and data security.

Our professional, experienced and well-trained litigation support team can effectively manage all your litigation related documents. Outsourcing litigation services to Thriva Technologies can help you save on time, manpower and effort. Instead of filing or searching for documents, your law firm can concentrate on core competencies while we competently handle your paperwork.

The main areas of Litigation process that we specialize in and offer our support for, are:

 Witness Document Collection
 Document Scanning
 Logical Document Determination (LDD) / Unitization
 Litigation Indexing
 Coding / Imaging
 Quality Check
Other than these we also undertake:

 Contract Drafting & Management
 Drafting of Agreements
 Agreement assessment & management
 Document Review